Marine Beanbag Teardrop

$239.00 $299.00

***Please allow 3 weeks for production and delivery. All beanbags are custom made and cannot be returned or exchanged.***

This sleek medium teardrop shaped marine grade bean bag is stylish yet comfortable as well. Very popular shape provides support to the back and neck with out sacrificing deck space. This product has additional length to the headrest area to create a longer neck. All of our  beanbags are double stitched for durability and strength. 

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Antifungal, mildew resistant, fire-retardant, UV treated heavy duty marine vinyl
  • Antimicrobial filler that is adjustable for a custom fit and will never absorb water
  • Corrosion-proof zipper is used for durability and is guaranteed not to mark surfaces

Dimensions: 33"W x 44"L x 30"H

Weight: 11.3 lbs


General Wash Down

  • Hose off your E-Sea Rider Marine Bean Bag with clear, clean water at least once a month. This helps prevent dirt and grime from becoming embedded in the fabric and eliminates the need for more vigorous cleanings
  • If water alone doesn’t do the trick, or if you’ve had an especially bloody day, try a mild soap such as Dawn, Dreft, Woolite, or even that baby shampoo you used to clear your diving mask
  • Air dry after rinsing

General/Light Cleaning

  • Brush off excess dirt
  • Hose off your E-Sea Rider Marine Bean Bag with clear, clean water
  • Prepare a mild soap and water cleaning solution – do not use detergents
  • On heavier soil gently scrub solution soaked, soft bristle brush on the necessary areas
  • Allow mild soap and water solutions to soak for a few minutes to breakdown grime, blood, and dirt
  • Rinse thoroughly with clear, clean water
  • Allow to air dry